International SEO Check-list for PMs

PM check-list for SEOAs an SEO Consultant you see how difficult it can be for a PM trying to get a handle on their starting point for an SEO project, the following list is a should help and if anyone has any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments.


  • Agree structure of site with stakeholders (ccTLD or Directory structure – ll-cc).
  • Removal of parameters (where possible, ensure not significant functionality is parameter driven)
  • If Source is US, is the US content optimised, do we want to create a seed keyword list using English as a source.
  • Create localised keyword lists by page (localised keyword research)
  • Content transcreated using seed keywords (for intent), original text and localised keywords
  • Titles, descriptions optimised per market / language
  • Image alt Text localised
  • Upload content and publish globally

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