A Year of Change for Mobile Search

Mobile SEOIn April 2015 Google decided that Mobile was to be a major factor in search, a mobile friendly website was to be an essential component of your online presence.

The date came and went and some changes happened but in general, the disaster some were expecting didn’t materialise. This year Google itself went “mobile first” – the search experience was revamped for Mobile, now instead of 3 paid results and 10 organic results, the structure of the results page has changed.

An example of the new SERP layout is as follows (ignoring PPC)

  • 2 results from “Top Stories”
  • Then a carousel with 10 news stories
  • Then an organic result but with a long snippet about 280 characters
  • Then a carousel of 5 news stories
  • Then an organic result with an 80 char description
  • Then a carousel of 6 stories
  • Then 3 organic results
  • Then another carousel of 5 items
  • Then 2 organic results
  • Then a text only carousel with 8 results
  • Then 2 final organic results

This is a lot more information than before but the layout is good, it is easy to consume. Continue reading “A Year of Change for Mobile Search”