A Selected Reading List for SEO

Heather Walsh - Artist and Film DirectorI was thinking about writing an “Introduction to SEO” article but it is almost pointless. To be honest, when I am teaching internal staff SEO, I always get them to start with Moz. I love their Beginners Guide to SEO, an easy read and a really great overview of Local SEO.

Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO

I usually follow this up with a Face to Face workshop where we work through each of the Chapters, looking at examples.

The area I specialise in – “International SEO” also has some good articles, for starting into this area, one I used extensively is

Gryffin Guide to Multi-national SEO

It is such a good read and for a single article it contains an enormous amount of good information. Continue reading “A Selected Reading List for SEO”

International SEO Check-list for PMs

PM check-list for SEOAs an SEO Consultant you see how difficult it can be for a PM trying to get a handle on their starting point for an SEO project, the following list is a should help and if anyone has any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments.


  • Agree structure of site with stakeholders (ccTLD or Directory structure – ll-cc).
  • Removal of parameters (where possible, ensure not significant functionality is parameter driven)
  • If Source is US, is the US content optimised, do we want to create a seed keyword list using English as a source.
  • Create localised keyword lists by page (localised keyword research)
  • Content transcreated using seed keywords (for intent), original text and localised keywords
  • Titles, descriptions optimised per market / language
  • Image alt Text localised
  • Upload content and publish globally

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A Passion for Training

SEO & Social Media TrainingWhile I like most aspects of my current job, and indeed previous jobs, the one aspect of the work I do that I really love is training.  It has been a feature of my working life since I joined the workforce as a 16 year old lifeguard and swimming instructor.

From a technical perspective I used to run courses in OpenRoad in my first technical job, I ran technical workshops in Oracle and Business Objects basics in EDS.

In my previous SEO incarnation I ran training in such things as LinkedIn, How to Blog Effectively, Social Media for SMEs, I have also run courses in SEO and Web Development for Beginners using Joomla. I also did specific training and workshops for the DSBA and other clients. Continue reading “A Passion for Training”