ASO Introduction

App Store OptimisationJust a quick blog on App Store Optimisation with a few links, a good starting point for ASO if you are a beginner.

The process of App Store Optimisation helps the visibility of your app in mobile SERPs as well as helping your app rank in App Store search results and charts. The outcome of this is more app installs.

This involves a number of steps but the initial focus is strategic, finding the local keywords applicable to your product or service in the target markets, evaluating your competition and developing a plan.

You will use those keywords throughout the localisation process to ensure a larger share of the search volume for your market.

You should also consider multiple languages if your target audience is global, as this content is aimed at being found in App store search results and mobile search results, your content should be fully localised / transcreated using high value keywords from local keyword research.

Optimising within the app store is similar in Google and Apple, it will help the ap surface in app store search and the following elements should be considered. Continue reading “ASO Introduction”

Optimising YouTube Videos

YouTube OptimisationNote: in the following blog I have used some verbatim quotes, where I have done this I have provided links to the pages where I took them from.

Optimise Title, Description and Tags

Optimisation is not always considered when uploading to YouTube – lots of time is spent on the creative process, developing the ideas, developing the content, but little time is spent ensuring that the video performs well in search.

Videos should be optimised for search so they can be easily found in both Google and YouTube search. In truth, basic optimisation for a local audience, requires little additional effort.

Optimising for a global audience does require effort, but that is mainly around language.

When working with any client, usually one of the first steps is keyword research and you can use that keyword research to inform the video optimisation.

Use the keywords to create an optimised title, use them to create tags and also use them within the video description.

When writing the video description I like to include a back-link – the editor doesn’t allow for the addition of a proper link with anchor text but if you type in the full URL it will give you a back-link from the description. Continue reading “Optimising YouTube Videos”

Voice Search

Optimise for Google Voice SearchLets start with a few interesting stats…..

  • The volume of voice searches doubled in 2015.
  • Voice search is 30 times more likely to involve an action word.
  • Voice search is getting very common on mobile devices

Optimize by ensuring there are sufficient action terms included in the text content (app and website) and that they are localised. These are different from normal keywords and include terms such as “near me” e.g. “taxi service near me” or other terms such as “fare estimator”, “call a cab”.

Voice search is not a huge step forward or backwards for search, it is just somewhat different. Voice search is in its infancy so in reality it is being adopted in situations where it is useful and by teens – teens use it more than any other age demographic.

In the long term Voice is likely to make up a large proportion of searches but for the moment there is a perception that voice recognition is not quite where it needs to be (a word like “algorithm” is still difficult to get recognised). It’s getting there, quickly.

So who and why are people using Voice as a search tool currently. First is people who are occupied doing something else but still need information – for a lot of us, this is while we are driving and need directions – from a search perspective that means checking the main map applications (Google+, Bing Maps and Apple Maps) and ensuring that the business is in the right place and also using schema to hold contact details on each page of the site. Continue reading “Voice Search”

A Passion for Training

SEO & Social Media TrainingWhile I like most aspects of my current job, and indeed previous jobs, the one aspect of the work I do that I really love is training.  It has been a feature of my working life since I joined the workforce as a 16 year old lifeguard and swimming instructor.

From a technical perspective I used to run courses in OpenRoad in my first technical job, I ran technical workshops in Oracle and Business Objects basics in EDS.

In my previous SEO incarnation I ran training in such things as LinkedIn, How to Blog Effectively, Social Media for SMEs, I have also run courses in SEO and Web Development for Beginners using Joomla. I also did specific training and workshops for the DSBA and other clients. Continue reading “A Passion for Training”