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Heather Walsh - Artist and Film Director

Heather Walsh - Artist and Film DirectorI was thinking about writing an “Introduction to SEO” article but it is almost pointless. To be honest, when I am teaching internal staff SEO, I always get them to start with Moz. I love their Beginners Guide to SEO, an easy read and a really great overview of Local SEO.

Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO

I usually follow this up with a Face to Face workshop where we work through each of the Chapters, looking at examples.

The area I specialise in – “International SEO” also has some good articles, for starting into this area, one I used extensively is

Gryffin Guide to Multi-national SEO

It is such a good read and for a single article it contains an enormous amount of good information.

In 2015 I had to develop a strategy for China, the following article was very comprehensive, gave me a great introduction to Baidu and the Chinese market and explained a lot of the differences between it and Google. If you have good SEO knowledge, this will suit you.

Built Visible Guide to Baidu

For China, I also found this article really useful as it walks you through setting up a Baidu WMT account, with translations for all of the labels.

Baidu Webmaster Tools – Translated

Moz do a great weekly blog Whiteboard Fridays and it is well worth following Moz, while I don’t agree with 100% of what they put out, I do agree with 99% and in such an imprecise industry, 99% is pretty good. An example of a recent article which you will find useful is

Moz’s Whiteboard Friday

Image credit: Heather Walsh – I didn’t have a relevant image so this is a painting my daughter did for me in 2014.

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