Brendan Walsh SEO Professional

Brendan WalshAs an IT professional since the mid 90’s I have worked in a variety of areas, from Online Marketing including SEO, Social Media Marketing, Training, designing and leading Business Intelligence efforts, and of course, like most, I started as a programmer / analyst.

My current role is as an International SEO Consultant with Lionbridge. Within this role I lead the Global SEO Training initiative, I develop internal processes to cater for optimised global content development, I answer RFPs, work on site audits and mentor PMs while dealing with their first SEO projects.

While I like most aspects of my current job, and indeed previous jobs, the one aspect of the work I do that I really love is training. It has been a feature of my working life since I joined the workforce as a 16 year old lifeguard and swimming instructor and something I have focused on over the years.

Currently developing all levels of training in Lionbridge for Sales, Management, Language Resources, PMs and Solution Architects.

Outside of work my main interests include live music so I often get roped into optimising sites for musicians (and agents!!).

I also worked in BI / Data Warehousing for 10 years so I retain an ability and interest in that area, I try to maintain my SQL skills and some knowledge of dimensional design.